International Journal of Biological
and Environmental Investigations

( I J B E I )

ISSN : 2583-1690

Ethical Guidelines

Authors (regardless of their country of origin) performing experiments on animals, are required to provide a statement in Materials and Methods section that their study organisms were cared for in accordance with the Guidelines approved by the appropriate Ethical Committee at the institution (s) where the experiments were carried out. Manuscripts dealing with unwarranted numbers of rare or endangered species and human subjects may not be accepted.

Anti-Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism involves presenting someone else's work (copying of phrases, clauses, sentences, paragraphs or longer extracts from published or unpublished work) as one's own particular work. Self-plagiarism sometimes occurs when an author reuses some parts of his/ her own published work without mentioning the appropriate sources OR submit an identical paper published earlier by adding small amounts of new data.

International Journal of Biological and Environmental Investigations strictly opposes the plagiarism and insists the authors to submit a statement that they are aware of the plagiarism policy of the journal and no part of their submitted manuscript/article are copied in any form and it is their original research.

After all precautions If plagiarism comes to knowledge of International Journal of Biological and Environmental Investigations, an investigation would be initiated and the journal will inform the author's institute for the misconduct done by the authors.